Produktserie: Joakim Allgulander

Born 1965 in Stockholm. Educated at the University of Arts, Craft and Design in Stockholm. Moved to London in 2013 and then to Italy in 2021. J

Joakim Allgullander is one of Sweden's best known contemporary artists with art that arouses emotion and curiosity. His ability to capture human nature is reflected in the artwork.

- "Art is not only interesting and intellectually understandable, but also arouses curiosity, perhaps not a direct desire but at least a desire to reach the world in the picture, to be uncompromisingly captured by one's own imagination."

Joakim Allgulander’s oeuvre is characterised by a conceptual base, combined with the skill of craft and a passion for the process of creating. His work demonstrates a curiosity and desire to explore different media and techniques. There is existential content and a dynamic play with contrasts throughout Allgulander’s work. A duality that reverberates through his works.