It is passion for art and design that drive us! We started as Fröjel Retro in 2008 as a result of a common interest and many years of gathering, visits to auctions, glass and pottery workshops. Right from the start we were clear that we wanted to invest in quality Scandinavian design. Our passion lies in creating an inspiring mix of objects that will beautify a modern home. We want to appeal those who want to complement their art portfolio, expand a collection or just find some cool quality design for their home.

From the start we have specialised in Scandinavian design from the Golden Age between 1945 and -75. From the beginning we covered the full range of items that make a home - from furniture to lamps, from ceramics to carpets. Items that make up a home from a time when Scandinavian design gained its world reputation. We love the craftsmanship, quality and beauty that are embedded in the items we sell. These are qualities we look for when searching for new items.

Since the summer of 2017 we ran a year-round shop in the center of the medieval town of Visby, a world heritage site. This meant that we turned our gallery in Fröjel into an art gallery, open in the summers. Having 2 shops became a little too much though so since 2020 we only ran the Visby gallery. Now as a gallery for handpicked Scandinavian design and contemporary art.

That also meant a change of trade mark, so early 2022 we changed the name to Galleri Wisby. This change of name also meant a slight change of aesthetics. On the design side we will focus on furniture, lamps and handcrafted ceramics and glass. Still curated from our personal perspective.

During 2023 we decided that we wanted to slow down a bit so since April 2024 we are back closer to home in the old harbor town of Klintehamn. Our new gallery, Galleri Fröjel, is situated in the center of Klintehamn together with 3 more vintage shops. In a 90 sqm space we present our unique mix of Scandinavian design and Contemporary Art.

Since many of our customers live in other countries we choose to run this website in English. That also means that we are used to ship all over the world. We try our best to find affordable solutions to make shipping as cheap as possible.

Sustainability is another important aspect. The objects from this era were made with a quality that in many cases still make them look new. Through us - both you and the objects get a second chance. Contributing to a cycle in which these objects are re-used is important for a more sustainable society.

If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us. 
Göran & Margitha Björnberg